About Dee Josey

I am a freedom fighter til I die. Everything I have done up until this point has been to allow myself and those around me to live more free in every way possible. At some point in our lives we are all held prisoner by forces that cause us to live in shackles. I thrive on finding the weak links in your chain and helping you break away from whatever is holding you down. Just like others have helped me, I want to help you live life to your fullest potential.

The only way to earn freedom is to fight for it. I became a member of the United States Armed Forces right out of high school and proudly served as a “combat medic / healthcare specialist. I’ve been learning how to fight and train soldiers since 2006. Seven years and two DEEployments later, I chose to put that shindig to rest to finish my bachelors in the science of exercise.

This was a dark time in my life. My only identity up until that point was “a soldier of the United States military;” as a result, my purpose disappeared when I took that uniform off. Unsure of the next step forward, I DEEcided the best option was to sit in a deep, dark hole for a few years, throwing shit on a wall, hoping it stuck. During that time, I became a personal trainer, earned my MBA and my Level 2 nutrition certification, and opened an online business. I also found comfort engaging in unhealthy behaviors, both mentally and physically. I did anything and everything I could do to fill the emptiness. It was a dark time.

My dad shined a little light in my dark hole when he told me, “Do something you are passionate about, so you never have to work a day in your life.” I have many passions: drawing, painting, playing guitar, building, loving little puppies, walking in nature, cleaning (don’t judge me), learning, solving puzzles, organizing, family, mentoring, and ‘Merica. My greatest passion, however, is helping others live in freedom. I realized my identity was not a “Veteran” but rather a “freedom fighter.” With the help of my beautiful, supportive wife, Boggs, my amazing business partner, Nikki, and some key supportive athletes, I climbed my way of that abyss and helped build Delta Performance as a way to help others and myself live in freedom.

My entire life’s purpose has been to help others live free, starting with myself. I know struggle. I know what it feels like to be lost and confused. I understand the feeling of chains weighing you down, making you feel suffocated with nowhere to go and no end in sight. I am here to tell you there is a way to break those chains, and I want to help you break your own chains the way others have helped me. This journey is not an easy one, but it is so worth it. If you believe you can and put in the work necessary to do so, you, too, can live a life of freedom

Certified Personal Trainer (ACE)
BS Exercise Science
PTDC Online Certified Trainer
(Precision Nutrition) PnL2 Nutrition Coach

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